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"Yo quisiera quedarme más tiempo."

Translation:I would like to stay longer.

March 14, 2018



When would some one prefer 'me gustaria' instead of 'yo quisiera'? they translate the same.. any preference when to use which? thanks


Quisiera is more formal while me gustaría is used in normal daily conversations.

I was told to use Quisiera when speaking with someone with more achievements than me, with someone on higher position or where You have to be polite (like my boss in work or stewardessa in a plane).

Me gustaría is used in normal conversations with friends, in restaurants or for example in the shop when You ask the vendor for different but similiar item.


I was given a "Select the missing word" choice between quedarme and quedarnos. But wouldn't quedarnos make an acceptable sentence also? Wouldn't "Yo quisiera quedarnos más tiempo" be "I would like us to stay longer"?


That would be "Quisiera que nos quedáramos más tiempo."

If there is a subject change and a WEIRDO verb, you have to use subjunctive.


Could you explain what you mean by a "WEIRDO verb," please?




The acronym WEIRDO stands for Wishes, Emotions, Impersonal Expressions, Recommendations, Doubt/Denial, and Ojalá, which are all situations in which you're likely to use the subjunctive.

You could make the argument that ojalá is a subset of "wishing" as it's from the Iberian Arabic version of inshallah, but WEIRDO is probably catchier and easier to remember than WEIRD.


Awesome, I didn't realize ojalá came from "insha'allah!" I have studied Arabic and I'm always delighted to see Arabic words in Spanish (Alhambra, el naranja, the word for carrot which I have forgotten, and many others). It's like seeing old friends!


"I would like to stay for a longer time", cannot be wrong! Kurt


i learned that ' gustaria ' is mostly used when you expressing something that you would like to do and 'quisiera' is used mostly when giving some sort of polite command or indirect order..etc. So this sentence makes me a little confused


So the infinitive form of "quedar" when it is used reflexively is "quedarse", right?? Then why do we say "quedarme" and not "quedarse"??


Because the subject is yo. It is not always quedarse, it depends on the subject. Did you see before that there were words that were reflective like: yo me pongo, tu te pones, nosotros nos ponemos? If you use the infinitive the word is still reflexive and you should put it connected to the end of the infinitive. To explain it better, subject vs reflecive form: yo quiero quedarme tu quieres quedarte él/ella quiere quedarse nosotros queremos quedarnos éllos/ellas quieren quedarse Hope that clears it up :)


Why is it wrong to say I would like to stay longer time


Filip371374 it's my understanding that más tiempo means longer. Two words for one English word. If I'm incorrect ..
..alguien por favor ayuda


Why is this wrong: I wanted to stay longer. Isn't quisiera the imperfect of querer?


Could someone answer the original question in simple terms. When should you use yo quisiera as opposed to me gustaria ?


In the simplest (though somewhat misleading) terms, use "me gustaría " when describing something you "would like" to do (me gustaría ir a España) and use "quisiera " when you "would like" to request something (quisiera una copa de vino tinto de España).

I say it's somewhat misleading because in many instances they can be used interchangeably and the usage varies regionally. For example, in Spain, both are usually viewed as overly polite and would sound strange in a typical context (i.e., when you aren't speaking to the king and queen).


Can someone help me understand the difference between me gustaria and me quisiera? I don't know when to use which one. Thanks.




Why not "I would like to stay for longer"?

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