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English to German covers?


Do any of you know of any German singers and bands that make covers of famous English pop songs? Songs from 2015 and up?

Thanks :) ♡♡

March 14, 2018



Prepare yourself...for Bohemian Rhapsody in German....

Okay, for modern songs:

Here is an entire list of popular English songs in German

And, a few older 2000s hits

Enjoy! There are many more out there, but this enough to get you started. :)

....an extra gift for you....Google Translate Sings

Happy learning, KayEli94!


Thank you so much LaurianaB!!! Duo would be so different without you here!!


You are so kind, KayEli94!! Thank you so very much. You are becoming such a great contributor here. Never forget that!!

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