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  5. 'Those are' and 'These are'


'Those are' and 'These are'

Is there any way that Germans distinguish these two?

March 14, 2018



I think formally, it would be "diese" and "jene", but the latter is very uncommon today. You can find it in literature, though.

In order to distinguish between items that are closer to me and farther away from me, I'd use "dies hier" und "das da" (with their various forms). For example:

Dieser Tisch hier ist recht neu. Der Tisch da ist schon alt.

Diese Bücher hier sind ganz interessant. Die Bücher da finde ich langweilig.

Dieses Hemd hier ist blau. Das Hemd da ist rot.

  • 2006

Could I say:

Wir haben viele Blumen. Diese hier sind blau und die da sind grün. (without repeating the Blumen)


Yes, that's a good solution.

  • 2006

Thanks :-)


I do hear jene in movies sometimes, although I watch a lot of dubbed movies originally in English, which might make a difference. I’d like to point out that jene can mean those or that (if refering to a singular feminine noun)

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Context, context, and context. That is usually how I figure out which is what. But deis(e-es-er-en-em) usually is "this or these" and da is all over the place.

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