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Fault in table of German pronouns

Hi, there are faults in the table of normal German pronouns given as help for the skill "Verbs: Reflexive".

For 2nd person plural, the forms are given as NOM "ihr", ACC "ihr" and DAT "ihr". Actually the ACC and DAT forms are both "euch".

For 3rd person plural, the forms are given as NOM "sie", ACC "sich" and DAT "sich". Actually the ACC form is "sie" and the DAT form is "ihnen".

March 14, 2018


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Thanks for reporting this! If you find more errors, please report them in this discussion.

I fixed it, the new version will be online soon.


It's not in an exercise, but in the tips and notes section....

Edit: the 2nd part of the table shows the reflexives, but also there 2nd pers. pl. is wrong:


It looks to me like 3rd person plural is right, but 3rd person singular is wrong. Both should be sich, sich.


In my screenshot also 3rd pers. pl. is wrong, must be sie and ihnen for acc. and dat., since the table is supposed to show the normal pronouns, not the reflexives.

PS: sorry for showing just the first part of the table before. It was a bit misleading this way ;-)

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Maybe it is good I don't pay attention to those tables. I need examples! I don't learn by tables; my eyes glaze over. But that is me, and is probably why I am such a struggling grammarian.

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