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Congrats to the team of volunteers for the course!

And thank you!

March 14, 2018



Thanks! More conlangs, lovely. Though i am wondering why some people have the badge for Klingon by their names and some ( like me at level three ) do not. Is there a bug?

Edit: and then it turned up! Mysterious are the ways of Duo.


There is some caching involved, apparently. New badges don't immediately appear.


Language badges only show at level 2.


I'm having a good time, I've been looking forward to this course since it was announced.

I hope there's a visual on their written language somewhere in the course.


pIqaD would have added a lot of complication and we saw it as low priority. We do hope to eventually add it, but it will be difficult and so may take a while.


Congrats Klingon team and THANK YOU!!!


Thank you so much, Klingon Team! I'm very glad to be one of the first few people to start this course. I was so excited when I saw that the course was finally released into Beta. :)


Thank you so much!


Yes, many thanks to the Klingon team for making this course! :)


congrats and thank you, team Klingon!


This is the second fictional language in Duolingo after High Valyrian. Congratulations to the team that made this possible.


Just wanted to say massive thank you to all duolingo mods and contributors that worked hard to make this course i have been looking forward to this for absolutely ages! I have always wanted to learn Klingon!!!


Agreed! I've been anxiously awaiting this since the moment I saw it was coming, even a little bummed it took me a couple of weeks to see it had hatched into beta, I feel late to the party since it's only been about a week for me. That's just how excited I am!! And even at this very beginning level, it's so much fun that I caught myself beating up my own shoulder to redness practicing saying Qapla'. hehehehehe

The course creators have done a wonderful job, very grateful for all your time and energy, and for the way you are participating in these forums as well. I look forward to using all of these resources more and more, and really can't wait for audio to be implemented (though I am patient and I know it's not your decision - so just all the kudos to everyone who made this possible).


Thank you!

To all who embark on learning the language of the Klingons: enjoy, and please read the tips+notes before doing the lessons!


I will definitely be reading the notes, and at least the first one was satisfyingly long. I hope that continues.

I also hope there will eventually be audio; the pronunciation is not obvious to me...


In that case, you may be happy to hear that we frequently found ourselves running into the character limits and having to edit down.


I've been waiting so long and it's finally out there! Thanks to the whole team!!


Yes, big THANKS to the team for bringing us Klingon. It must have taken a lot of your personal time and effort for each of you. Great job.

I hope audio gets added soon.


Impressive work convincing Duolingo to give you a go, working out formatting for the ', and entering all the hints for the suffix combinations. I've been really enjoying finally learning the language after regularly checking the incubator for it to hatch. I look forward to future improvements.

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