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Number of learners

I am sure almost all of us would like to know what the number of language learners in Duo. is. Please give us a total - hopefully broken down by language. Every week the totals given for Twitter and Facebook that follow Duolingo go up,but I'm sure most of those are only observers. What we want to know- maybe on a regular basis, is how many of us are actually trying to learn a new language. Pretty please !

March 21, 2013



We have a little more than two million (this includes both the app and the website).


But Luis, are these two million actual learners, or just people trying Duolingo out?


Thanks a lot for the answer , Luis.


Some things companies like to share, and some things they do not like to share. I am not sure what this may be, but if you go to a company and ask how many customers they have many will tell you it is none of your business. You may get more info if you show an interest in investing in the company. ;)


I heard there are 250,000.

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