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  5. "bIyaj'a' mara?"

"bIyaj'a' mara?"

Translation:Do you understand, Mara?

March 14, 2018



I'd like to suggest "Mara, do you understand?"

Of course, if Mara isn't being spoken to directly, and this is a question about her comprehension, then Mara is the topic (and you haven't introduced that idea yet) and the sentence could be "As for Mara, does she understand?"


Hi lawrencems,

I'd like to suggest "Mara, do you understand?"

can't you add it to the list of answers to accept, as a contributor to the course? Normally you should.

Otherwise, the way to report non-accepted correct answers it the button "Report a Problem" => "My answer should be accepted" during the exercise.
It's how Duo designed things: forums for questions, report button for reports.


Lawrence is an honorary contributor and has not really been trained on how to do the edits nor fully versed on the curriculum.

Of course, the {bI-} prefix and the lack of topic/focus suffix means we must be addressing Mara directly. But I'll go double check that it accepts either order for the translation.


I wrote Mara does not understand and it was correct.


That shouldn't have happened. I'll look into it.

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