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  5. "My parents like beer."

"My parents like beer."

Translation:Meine Eltern mögen Bier.

March 21, 2013



Why not Mein Eltern mogen Bier?


Eltern is plural (parentS) and plural words are always feminine, therefor making it meine as opposed to mein. :)


I wouldnt say theyre always feminine, but the nominative case of a plural word has the same article as nom fem singular noun, "die." In dative case, plural words use "den" as their article, which is the same as masc. akk. sing. nouns, but that doesnt mean it becomes masculine when its in dative case.

Im not trying to be pedantic, but I dont want someone to get the wrong idea by what you said (even though I know what you meant). :)


In sumary, plural inflects the same way that feminine but in dative.


Thank you. That makes sense now!


Question: What is the difference between Mögen and Mag and all the other forms of 'like'? I am having a bit of trouble with it.


It's it's conjugation. A bit like how in English we would say "I run, he runs." It has to do with who the verb is talking about. Mag is for "I like" and mögen is for "they like."

  • ich mag
  • du magst
  • er/sie/es mag
  • wir mögen
  • ihr mögt
  • (Sie mögen)
  • sie mögen

The verb is conjugated in different forms.


Why not magen instead of mögen?


Irregular verb form


Because mag is a weird word that doesn't follow the normal rules :)


Why in the last part, can't say das Bier


Because the sentence asks for the translation of "My parents like beer." If you were to use "das Bier", then you would be saying "My parents like THE beer", which it didn't ask for.


Why not Meine Eltern haben Bier gern? ( I still remember "Ich trinke Limonade gern." from first year of German in High School. And that was a looonnngg time ago.)


gern haben is more about affection.

You can gern haben your brother or sister, but I wouldn't use it for inanimate objects such as food or drink.

gern trinken is something else - to like drinking it rather than just liking it.


The first time I wrote "mögen", Duo corrected it to "gefällt". The second time I wrote "gefällt" and Duo corrected it to "mögen". FFS!


Did you switch between meine Eltern and meinen Eltern?


Why gefällt instead of mögen?

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