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"Ellos necesitan los celulares ahora."

Translation:They need the cell phones now.

March 14, 2018



This is very awkward english


No it's not. You're just reading it wrong. "Bob and Jane are here. They need the cell phones now."


Still awkward


I work in IT, dolling out equipment. Nope. Not awkward. They need their "cell phones" verses "desk phones" verses "conference room phones."


Their cell phones I'd different than the cell phones


Why is "the" necessary?


I'm only guessing but the two sentences "They need THE cell phones now" and "They need cell phones now" have different meanings. In the first case, it sounds like they already own cell phones and they need them. In the second case it sounds like they need to go buy cell phones. That's my thought process for what it's worth.


You are absolutely right. However, it's my opinion that we don't have privy to the context of these statements. Until Duo provides context we just have to guess their thoughts. My question is how does one translate into Spanish "They need cell phones now.


Just like you'd expect: "Ellos necesitan celulares ahora."


your daily streak is crazy


It's simply about certain cell phones here.


Because it didn't make sense to me to say "They need the cell phones now" I mistakenly assumed this was a situation in which the definite article was not translated. Here is a website that tells when to use definite articles spanishdict.com


Terrible female voice in action for who knows how many times. Again talking too fast and now missing the last letter in necesitaN.


Agree, terrible, unclear female voice


The last "n" in "necesitan" is barely hearable , reported as of 5/11/18


"They now need the cellphones" is unacceptable???


"Cell phone" needs to be two words.


I believe, as long as you have no typos (including missing accents), you can writeeverythinginoneword or int roduce arbi trary sp aces (though I'm not sure if more than one per word will work - but I expect it would) as far as Duolingo's checking algorithm is concerned. An error would have a different cause (like a missing valid translation).


"They need the mobile telephones now." Should be accepted.


I used mobile instead of cell. Cell phone is not in common usage in UK English. So I got it wrong


I left out "the" and Duo said I needed the article "the." Maybe translating from English to Spanish may require certain articles. However, translating from Spanish to English does NOT require articles. Since we don't know if cell phones need to be purchased or if they already have cell phones then it's difficult for many to answer correctly.


The sentence here is talking about specific cell phones. You need the article in both languages. If it were "They need cell phones now" in English, it would be just as article-free in Spanish: "Necesitan celulares ahora."


Can we agree that the days of "cell phones" are long over? In Spain it is movil now anyway...phone is now a euphamism for all types of phones. It is implied that the phone is mobile, and no one uses cell or cell phone anymore in common speech.


I used "cellular telephones" and missed as duo wanted "cell phones" - its the exact same thing!


Los is imperceptible in her audio


The sound has disappeared again. A daily occurrence for me


I had this problem so often when I first started using this program that I skipped any listening exercises for the first several months. It really impeded my learning. Then I switched from using Explorer to Chrome, and I haven't had a problem since.

I highly recommend using a different browser. Duo seems a bit preferential of some over others.


9/15/2019 Dúo accepted, "They need cell phones now."


They they need the cell phones now. is written onmy screen and asking me to translate to english??? it is english but not correct as it should be They need the cell phones now.


It sounded as if if she was saying 'necesita', not 'necesitan'. Yes, I know she was right, but it can still make me secknd guess myself.


Mobile telephones and cell phones are the same thing in English. The first is American English the second is English usage


Duo accepts "They need their cell phones now", in case anyone was wondering.


Confusing Necesita Necesito Necesitan


The voice from the man is sometimes terrible to understand


They need their cell phones now is what that statement says, why is it wrong?


This is American NOT English... English people would never use the word 'cell'... It's a 'mobile' phone.


It sounds like she is saying esas no los


I wrote that the same many times and it still shows wrong, why is that?


Could i have put los telefonos instead of los celulares


My traduction is correct


Sam: I disagree. I have over 27 years experience in wireless telecommunications wit ALL the major US carriers (ATT Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T Mobile and the term "cell telephone" is a common term as well. You can not be a native speaker or familiar with the industry.


Did I miss the note where this course is based on US English? You likely long ago learned that other countries speak English, and are thus native English speakers.


It is largely based on US English. However, English from other parts of the world, including Britain, should be accepted. So, if mobile isn't accepted, report it.


From the English course description pages (es, fr & de - i didn't bother to look beyond that):

On Duolingo, you'll learn American English, but you'll be understood in any English-speaking country.

Also, it only takes a cursory glance at spelling / word choices to see that American English is what's being used by Duo, though non-american spellings or words will generally be accepted. Report the sentence if it doesn't.


Sams right, sounds goofy. However, it is probably an acceptable translation


Duo marked "cell telephones" wrong. That should definitely be acceptable.


It's either "cellphones," perhaps "cell phones", or arguably "cellular telephones." Never have I seen or heard "cell telephones," and I'd have to disagree with you regarding being acceptable, as it doesn't sound right at all.


It's based on U.S English, but U.K and A.U English really should be accepted...

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