"Yo invité a toda la familia a cenar."

Translation:I invited the whole family to dinner.

11 months ago



Why not also accept -I invited all the family to dinner-?

11 months ago


I put the same, it should be accepted as that too.

9 months ago


I wrote this and was marked wrong: "I invited the entire family to dine"

But I reported DL since it is correct.

8 months ago


I have a problem with using entire.

1st. There is a word for that..entero. No?

2nd My opinion we would use "entire" for more emphasis and to truly suggest your ENTIRE family. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, etc.

I feel that in Spanish, like us in English, there needs to be a context for inviting Fred and all his family (Ie. The wife and kids) so that he doesn't show up with 40 people!

6 months ago
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