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"Hablamos de una evolución personal."

Translation:We speak of a personal evolution.

March 21, 2013



no such thing as a personal evolution - personal development should be accepted


I agree that personal development should be accepted, but "personal evolution" could mean the same thing if you take "evolution" to have a figurative sense.


I agree, also, and shall report it.


jholland15: You're stretching it a lot. See bgravengood's statement.


No such thing as unicorns either, but we can still speak of them! There is nothing wrong with DL's sentence as it stands, it just isn't one you hear very often. But to be fair, 'development' is one of the synonyms offered in the hover hints, so yes I agree that should be accepted.

In some ways I prefer these kind of curveball questions, because they really make me stop and think. Then I have to make sure I have understood the meaning, rather than seeing a phrase I recognise and just tapping that out without breaking it down. Although admittedly, many of the more idiomatic expressions are a leap of blind faith :)


Someone tell me what this means!!


A talk about personal evolution is the sort of thing you would pay $150 to hear at the local Hilton. You'd probably get a water bottle, a key chain, and a signed book as well.


In English present continuous is used in place of spanish present tense. "We are talking about a personal evolution" should be accepted.


why cant you not translate it as preterito indefinito and used the simple past of we talked? it´s the same conugation


Change -= another term meaning evolution


Taken from a self-help book?


Is there really any difference between development and evolution? These are two of the drop down hints, confirmed by dictionaries, but the owl chooses to ignore "development" and issues strong warnings against confusing the two words. He does, however, allow present and preterite translations of "hablamos".


An individual develops, a species evolves. Evolution is often used as a synonym for development, but it really shouldn't be. Just a personal bugbear of mine :-)


Evolve is much too broad of a term to strictly be applied to the concept of natural selection and the evolution of genes. Species are just one of the many things that evolve. Cars, buildings, memes, molecules, ect.


For a different approach, see the brilliant book, "The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution" by P.D. Ouspensky.


I agree totally with your interpretation. There is a clear difference.

And isnt that all the more reason to suspect that this translation should be "development"? I mean can a person (which personal would suggest) evolve? Isnt it more a question of development.


You are absolutely correct. Not just a bugbear. But of course by developing I lost a heart, I should have evolved!


An individual develops, a pokémon evolves...


"we speak about a personal development" not accepted.

What is the "personal evolution"?


Speaking should be accepted as well as talking


Can anyone tell me why "we are speaking of a personal evolution" was marked wrong?


It shouldn't be... Are speaking and speak are both forms of the present tense. I would report that.


The 'Correct answer" given was "We are speaking about 1 personal evolution." what in the world does that mean??? Reported it


very ambiguous answer using a one numeral


No such thing as "a personal evolution. "


Wow, I find that to be a very unnatural English sentence. You might speak about personal evolution in general, or you might talk about an individual's personal evolution, but to speak about "a personal evolution" is just strange.

[deactivated user]

    WTF does it mean?


    Personal growth; ie, becoming more caring, more thoughtful, more honest, etc, etc.

    [deactivated user]

      It's clunky at best, the DL's English translation.


      Growth has a positive connotation. Evolution just means change. Could the sentence mean changes good or bad that happened to a person?


      Why is "Let's talk about a personal evolution" not accepted?


      "We are talking about personal evolution." was accepted.

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