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"Squirrels do not live in the ocean."

Translation:Eichhörnchen leben nicht im Meer.

March 14, 2018


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Why can't the nicht be at the end of the sentence?


It would be grammatical, but very unusual. I would understand it like "Squirrels die in the ocean".


There are two possible meanings to the English sentence, and I'm confused about how the German corresponds to each:

1) Squirrels (don't + live) in the ocean. They might go surfing, or they might die, but they don't live there.

2) Squirrels live (not + in the ocean). They live on land.

In the first, nicht negates leben, while in the second, nicht negates im Meer. So why do you put nicht after leben for the second meaning, and after im Meer for the first? I would have expected the opposite.


As a German native, I don't see a possibility to put the "nicht" at the end of the sentence. It should be always "Eichhörnchen leben nicht im Meer". The two possible meanings depend on which word you would stress while speaking. "Eichhörnchen leben NICHT IM MEER" stresses the fact that they do not live in the ocean, but on land. "Eichhörnchen LEBEN nicht im Meer" stresses the fact that they do not live in the ocean, but might do other things there.


Well, except for Sandy, the friend of SpongeBob :-)


Wohnen was refused, is it wrong here?


Leben oder wohnen?


Meer oder Ozean? :-\


Das Meer is used as a general term for the water surrounding all continents, while Ozean is usually a specific ocean, like the pacific, atlantic, .... But that's not a strict rule, also Ozean could be accepted here, Meer is just common as a habitat. On the other hand, also Meer can be used in specific names, like Kaspisches Meer, Nordmeer, ....


Das ist das, was ich suchte (an ocean=das Meer?). Danke. Die Antwort hat geholfen, also Lingot...


Maybe a better translation would be: Squirrels don't live in the water. Or the sea.


For everyone wondering about nuances between "leben" und "wohnen", I found this link very helpful: https://german.yabla.com/lesson-Nuances-of-wohnen-and-leben-1099


Why not wohnen? Does that only apply to Humans?


I think this is true. Wohnen does not work with animals.


Die Aussprache von "Eichhörnchen" geht gar nicht... Bitte nicht so falsch merken. ;-)


To be more precise:

The TTS woman pronounces the 'ei' letter combo at the start wrongly, which should be pronounced like the English i.

The rest of the word is okay I guess. :)


Pronunciation sounds incorrect. It starts out with a long E sound but the ei should have a long I sound


Not "...in das Meer"?


It's dative case. In + dative = position, in + accusative = direction (in das)


I thought Meer was usually a sea, such that it's often included in the name of a particular sea.


Why is wohnen wrong?


Sie haben keine Wohnung. Sie führen ein Leben = leben...

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