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Duplicate questions in Chinese lessons

Has anyone noticed lessons with a lot of duplicate questions? I understand you'll receive a question again if you answered it incorrectly the first time around.

Recently though, I've started running into lessons where I get the same question 2 or 3 times even if I don't answer it incorrectly any of the times. I first started noticing this a week ago when it seemed like all the lessons got longer. Previously, certain lessons could be as short as ~8 questions, but now it seems like the shortest you'll find is at least ~15 questions.

The most recent lesson I noticed the duplicates in was module Location 6. The lessons could have been much shorter, except they seemed to needlessly lengthen it by asking every question 2 to 3 times.

Edit: Last three lessons of Travel 2 also have a lot of duplicates. Last two lessons of Lang 2 also have duplicates. Routine 3 has duplicates in both lessons.

March 14, 2018



Yes, I also noticed that a while ago.


Do you notice that in other languages too, or is that likely a mistake?


On one of the "Strengthen lessons" yesterday, ever single question was either: "I am called Ming Zhang", "You are called Ming Zhang" or "Are you called Ming Zhang". Every. Single. One.


With the first 5 or so lessons, that is not really a surprise. Yes, you chose "Strengthen" but that content is from an early lesson.

I would find it more weird and obnoxious if that was taking place in end-course lessons.


I've had this problem not only in the Chinese course but in other courses. It's worse in the Chinese course but somewhere around 6-7 months ago it started getting worse in ALL courses too.

This is one of many reasons I think Duolingo is basically abandonware. They have a fat team full of people getting fat salaries...and what the heck do they do? They sure haven't been fixing bugs like this.

This is why I cancelled my subscription. This is why I no longer use Duolingo.

[deactivated user]

    I've experienced it with Japanese but not Chinese yet.

    But some repeat because you got them wrong previously.


    Yup, I knew about the duplication because of getting the answers incorrect, but now I'm getting a lot of duplication regardless.


    I've also noticed a lot of repetitive questions, even beyond the expected different ways of asking questions. E.g. From English to Chinese using the word bank, from Chinese to English.

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