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"wa'Hu' ram paqvetlh vIlaDtaH."

Translation:I was reading that book last night.

March 15, 2018



So I'm guessing "tomorrow night" is "wa'leS ram"?


Yes. That's correct.


May I ask: what's the difference between vIlaDtaH and vilaD?


what's the difference between vIlaDtaH and vilaD?

The aspect suffix -taH indicates that an action is (or was or will be) on-going.

In this course, we translate it into English with an -ing form (progressive, continuous), so vIlaDtaH is "I was reading, I am reading, I will be reading".

Klingon verb forms without an aspect suffix are translated on this course into simple forms in English: vIlaD is "I read (pronounced "red"), I read (pronounced "reed"), I will read". (simple past, simple present, simple future)

vilaD isn't a Klingon word; Klingon doesn't have the (lowercase) letter i.


Thank you! I meant vIlaD...

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