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  5. "Drink your milk, my son."

"Drink your milk, my son."

Translation:Trink deine Milch, mein Sohn.

March 15, 2018



As I understood it, you can use either Trink or Trinke for imperative 2nd person singular.

Is there any good reason for "Trinke deine Milch" to be refused ?

Or did I miss something ?


I did the same thing - entered "Trinke" and it was marked as wrong. I think it should be accepted.


same here...there is no reason why it shouldnt be accepted


one usually says 'trink', not 'trinke'


ja aber wir sagen auch "trinke" deswegen sollte es nicht falsch sein...


Why not 'Trinken Sie deine Milch, mein Sohn'? There is no such thing as being overly polite, as far as I know, even in a familiar context. Or is it just that the grammar is mistaken?


No, that would be wrong. You should reserve "Sie - formal singular" for persons you adress as Mr. and Mrs. e.g. your doctor, your boss... As you probably would addres your son as Mr. you wouldn't use "Sie"


I dont know if I am not getting it right, isnt the part 'mein Sohn' should be in accusative? 'Meinen Sohn'?

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