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Passed Deutsch A1 course & got 85 out of 100. Need to improve listening part.

March 15, 2018



So... you are asking for tips on how to improve your listening?

Edit: (where are my manners?) congrats on passing the test! For me the keys to improve my listening skills have been:

  • Listening to German music. If you can stand a bit of heavy music, Eisbrecher has lyrics that are usually clear, and not to hard to follow. Of course there are a huge amount of Pop, rock, rap artists, etc. Look around a bit on google and youtube. Listening to a bit of German music (with clear and comprehensible lyrics) every day, can do wonders.
  • Listening to German radio. Just google it, and you'll find lots of channels you can stream for free. Listen a bit while working, while on the phone, etc.
  • Watching German shows and videos on Youtube. Kids' shows to begin with. For instance I found some episodes of Pok√©mon dubbed in German, and watched those. Pretty easy to follow, and since I've grown up with the show, knowing the context was a great help.
  • Speaking with a couple of friendly and patient German people. Nothing is better than that.


ok.......thnx for those helpful suggetions,i will try to practice with german ppl, main problem is when someone is saying german for the first time i visited germany, i got stuck,so i think i need more practice in this language with fluent speaker......


watching Pokemon in German! That is great idea and will do so right now :D! Dankeschön



Might be they take them down regularly because of rights and stuff, but you'll see what you find.


Where did you do this?


Probably at the Goethe Institute that gives German CEFR exams. But the exams are over $100 a piece.


Look up Nicos Weg. It's free, and has a lot of listening practice, exercises, grammar, etc.


I need to improve as well (30/100)


I came to learn everything so that is why I got an acount

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