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"What day of the week is April fourth?"


March 15, 2018




【しがつ・よっかは・なんようび -ですか?】

more about days and months pronunciations here:



Thank you, I was wondering about the provincial of 何 in this one.


Does the order have to be that way? I tried 何よう日は四月四日ですか and duo marked that wrong, but I don't see the problem with it.


は being a topic particle, it only accepts something defined. 何よう日 meaning "which weekday" does not fit.


Well not really cause you'd be saying, "Which weekday is april fourth?" instead of what it is right now, "April fourth is which weekday?" so in english, it would actually work better. Just not in japanese I'm assuming.


It might be possible to put a question word in the beginning but I seem to have a recollection (vague though it may be) that it requires other changes to the sentence.

If there is any question word before the topic particle, the は would have to change to the ga particle instead. There may be other changes needed as well for it to be grammatically correct but I'm just a beginner. Someone with more experience could clarify.

"When a question word is used as a subject, it must take the subject marker ga... Because a question word refers to an unknown entity, it can’t be a topic, so question words can never be used with wa." (The question words can come later in the sentence after wa but not before it.)



So if i just say 《今日は何よう日ですか?》 that gonna be 《what day of the week is today》?


四月四日は何曜日ですか? should be right too


There is an error of number


Why does the translation of 4th and 8th seem to be the same? Like both of them are translated to yokka? How will we know the difference? Thank you for answering.

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