I thought that we were friends

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Are both correct:

  1. ich dachte, wir wären Freunde.

  2. ich dachte, dass wir Freunde wären.

Thanks to EilliottofRivia, I now understand the importance of commas. See:

3/15/2018, 10:57:38 AM


yup both correct. in the second version you forgot the comma though.: "ich dachte, dass wir Freunde wären."

second version is a little more formal.

3/15/2018, 11:43:07 AM
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Great. And thanks for the correction. I'm still uncertain on how to use the comma. You comment helped a lot.

3/15/2018, 11:49:30 AM

commas in german language are quite complicated, even for native speakers. but it is importent since sometimes a wrong set or forgotten comma can change the hole meaning of the the sentence.

ex: wir essen jetzt, Opa : granpa, we are going to eat now.

wir essen jetzt Opa. : we are eating granpa now.

3/15/2018, 12:01:38 PM

definitely wouldn't want to say that :)

3/15/2018, 12:57:00 PM
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3/15/2018, 12:18:05 PM
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I suppose seien would also work in place of wären in both examples, using Konjunktiv I?

3/15/2018, 1:59:46 PM

yes it would work, but it is rarely used in this context. especially not in spoken form. so if the konjunktiv I is used here, it is mostly in written form like in a letter for example.

3/15/2018, 2:05:14 PM

we are not freind you creep

3/16/2018, 3:50:54 PM
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I've seen a couple of your posts. I like guessing the sentence in German before actually reading it. I was right today! Thanks for posting.

3/16/2018, 10:03:11 PM
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