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  5. "La clé du bureau est jaune."

"La clé du bureau est jaune."

Translation:The key to the office is yellow.

March 21, 2013


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In English it would be most common to translate as "the key to the" as opposed to "the key of the".


I thought the most natural English translation would be "the key for the"


Yeah 'to the' or 'for the' would make more sense. Key 'of the' office makes it sound like some kind of valued piece that resides in the office.


Or simply "the office key."


The best translation is "The office key is yellow". I agree with those who say this is 'clunky' English to say "The key of the". It is acceptable to say "The key to the" or "The key for the". I also think that "desk" should also be accepted.


I still don't understand why this could not translate to, "The key of the desk is yellow."


It was accepted for me.


Does anyone know when the word for key changed from"clef" to "cle" ?


could someone please explain why "La cle de bureau est jaune" would be incorrect? Thanks


The English version of that would be "The key of office is yellow". In this sentence, du is a contraction of "de le" (of the).

Hope that helps!


Do you really say "The key of the office"? Is that British or Australian English or something? It sounds wrong in American English. It's the key to the office.


"The key to the office is yellow" is better, or "The office key is yellow". I've never heard "key of the __" used.


Wouldn't "clé de bureau" mean "office key" ?


Yeah I think so actually... which in turn would translate to better English as well. "The office key is yellow."

[deactivated user]

    Exactly. The office key is yellow. <- Accepted as correct.


    Je viens d'ecrire "La cle DE bureau est jaune".....it says there would be DU...why not DE?


    "Du" means "of the" when preceding masculine singular nouns. In this case, it means "the key of the office."


    I've been testing discussed translations in Google translate lately just to compare. It translated this French sentence to, "The key is yellow office." hahaha

    However, if you change "du" to "de" .. it then translates it to, "The office key is yellow."

    There is obviously a discrepancy somewhere here. It seems this sentence is unnatural even in French.

    [deactivated user]

      This sentence is quite natural in French. If you want to know if something sounds natural, please don't rely on a machine translator to guide you. One can play on Google Translate until the English seems perfect, but it is an illusion to think that the language in which you aren't fluent (be it French or any another) looks just as good.

      Bottom line: Google Translate cannot think. You need a human for that.


      In English this should translate to "The key for the office" or "The key to the office"


      Does French "bureau" never translate to English "bureau" (The key to the bureau is yellow)? A bureau is a piece of furniture with a lot of drawers, some of which may lock.

      [deactivated user]

        i wrote, "the bureau key is yellow" and it's marked wrong. Seems to me like the word can be translated as either. If duolingo is going to mark me wrong, it would at least be nice to give me an explanation why.


        Why does my sound cut out on sound grabs.

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