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  5. "yajbe' mara."

"yajbe' mara."

Translation:Mara does not understand.

March 15, 2018



I put I don't understand Mara and got It won't understand , Mara. as a suggested answer. What?!


For "I don't understand", the verb would need a prefix to show that the subject is "I".

The verb does not have a prefix if the subject is "he" or "she" or "it" or "they".

So yajbe' can mean "she doesn't understand" or "it won't understand", for example.

Also remember that the subject is after the verb in Klingon -- so because "Mara" is the subject of "Mara does not understand", it's yajbe' mara in Klingon, with mara after yajbe'.


That makes sense. But Mara wasn't the subject in my suggested answer.


I suppose it was interpreted as yajbe', mara with the mara part being the person you are speaking to: "It won't understand, Mara".


Man, this is the weirdest language ever. Do you know how to speak it? I really kind of don't understand anything you're trying to tell us. xD


It only feels weird to you because you're accustomed to how English works. There are plenty of natural languages out there that are put together very differently than English is, like Japanese or Swahili. They're not objectively "weird", they're just outside your personal experience.


It's He doesn't understand Mara. It and he could be the same word. Kingons are rude people.


"It" and "he" being the same word has nothing to do with manners or lack thereof. It's strictly a matter of whether the language does (or at any point in its history, as with English, did) have grammatical gender.

In French, for example, there is no neutral "it". Depending on the grammatical gender of the thing, everything is either "il" or "elle" where in English we would say "it".

It was explained on the first lesson page that Klingon does not have grammatical gender, and therefore only has one third-person pronoun.


Oh, man. I’m sure glad I got used to the verbs in some other human languages before trying this…

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