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  5. "vaS'a'Daq Sum Qe'."

"vaS'a'Daq Sum Qe'."

Translation:The restaurant is near the Great Hall.

March 15, 2018



'far from the Great Hall' would be vaS'a'Daq Hop, not vaS'a'vo' Hop, right?


"The ship is far away from the great hall" is {vaS'a'Daq Hop Duj} - "At the great hall, the ship is far". {-vo'} is used to describe motion that happens in a direction away from something, so {vaS'a'vo' puv Duj} means "The ship flys away from the great hall".


That's right -- the Daq here sort of "anchors" the verbs Sum and Hop to say that something is near it or far from it.

The default would be that the something is near or far from here (e.g. Sum Qe' "The restaurant is near (here)".

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