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Would you like me to do a German compound words series?

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German is (at least in my perception) a bit famous for its compound words. Sometimes because they can get very long, like the former Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz. Sometimes because we appear to have very specific words like Kummerspeck or Treppenwitz. German may not be so special for having those words. Finnish and other languages have even longer words and making up silly words and claiming they mean something very specific isn't too clever.

Nevertheless German texts and conversations often include words that don't appear in a dictionary, because someone made them op on the fly. We love to create these new words and they are sometimes very creative, especially when they try to transport a specific picture. Understanding those words may be a useful skill. While they are easy to build (you simply combine two or more words), they sometimes are a bit hard to interpret. Take for example Treppenhaus (stairwell): It's a house (Haus), which has something to do with stairs (Treppen). We don't mean a whole house that consists of stairs, but that part of a house where the stairs are located.

So I had this idea to create a series where I post famous compound words or such that I met in my everyday life when someone just made up a word. Maybe I could also write something about specific topics like the words that end with -zeug or the more creative insults (like Warmduscher).

But I don't want to unnecessarily spam the forum, so let me know if that would be appreciated.

The first word that I encountered:

Someone left a note on my car, saying: "Sie parken auf meinem Mietplatz." The word Mietplatz doesn't appear in the Duden, so what does it mean?

Tip: The word could be longer, there is one part omitted.

March 15, 2018



Yes, please do do a German compound words series.

We had a nice discussion about compound words here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26541021


Treppenhaus is lépcsőház in Hungarian. Where lépcső= Treppe and ház =Haus.

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