"Co říkáš?"

Translation:What are you saying?

March 15, 2018

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Can this be “What do you say” as well?


V čem je chyba v odpovědi: "What are you speaking?"


Protoze se tak sloveso speak nepouziva. Doporucuju protyto lekce spise opacny kurz Anglictiny, tam tato vysvetleni v lekcich a diskuzich uz zajiste budou.


Is “Co říkaš?” used both literally (I can’t hear all the words you are speaking — please repeat yourself), and figuratively (I hear all the words you are speaking but I don’t completely understand— please explain what you really mean)?


Actually, a very common use case will also be when asking for a reaction. What do you say to what I just said? What do you say to what we have just seen?

But it can certainly be used if you do not understand the words.

Otherwise, I would prefer "Co to říkáš?" and I would used it when surprised or astonished by the words that were just said.

You probably could use both for the "I don't understand the meaning of your words" but maybe I would use some completely different words to express that.


Thank you. In English (at least AmE), “What are you saying?” almost always means “What are you REALLY saying?”. When the question is asked because the words were not heard clearly, the question typically would be “What did you say?”.

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