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Bug? No lingots received for watching ads, screen freezes.

The topic's not really for French, but there's no topic option for general app use/troubleshooting.

I appreciate ad-based use as a 'free' option, and regularly choose to run the ads after a lesson in return for extra lingots. However, over the last week I've noticed that after watching the ad my lingot count does not change after I close the ad at the end. Furthermore, whereas after closing an ad, DuoLingo used to close the treasure chest screen automatically, now the treasure chest screen stays put and I need to manually back out of it or close DL altogether.

Obviously this doesn't prevent me from my primary use of the course, but I won't be electing to watch ads for awhile, as for now there's no immediate benefit.

March 15, 2018



To be able to have the option of posting discussion posts on Troubleshooting. To do that you need to add Troubleshooting in your subscriptions. To do that, you go on your Discussion tab, and then in the right their is your subscriptions. Click edit and then subscribe Troubleshooting.


And it sounds like that the option of earning lingots by watching ads is removed, either that or it is only allowed on Plus accounts or an error that they are fixing.

(I don't know how long this has been happening, since I didn't know that you can earn lingots that way.)


I do have Troubleshooting in my subscriptions, though.


Double check.

But otherwise you should maybe report it. If you are on the app, you should maybe restart it.


Frustratingly 100% certain. I was even looking at it in my subscription sidebar while unable to select it from the topic dropdown :/


I encountered the same bug. No treasure chest opened after watching an ad.

The option to choose another chest has since been disabled.


Duly noted. I appear to still be given the option of another chest, but by your account perhaps they're removing the feature altogether. Thank you!

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