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Thinking of FUN yet effective ways of learning a language... well these are amongst the tips I read

Travel to the country you are learning its language or where the language you are learning is spoken. Write pieces of composition in the foreign language and ask someone who masters the language/ a teacher to correct them for you. Read simple books.
Watch Youtube language channels Above all, make a friend, someone who speaks the language you are learning. Good luck to you all, including me.

March 15, 2018



Traveling to a country would give you a lot of exp and fun. Their culture, langauge, and what they eat (I think that would go with culture).


Yes, but communication would make us listen, imitate, respond, and learn ... Thanks F.W.C.


Well, you better speak perfect German (especially pronunciation) because Germans will switch to English very quickly.


Oh, thanks. I wonder about your claim!

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