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  5. "Můj otec je známá osoba."

"Můj otec je známá osoba."

Translation:My father is a well-known person.

March 15, 2018



My father is a known person was rejected because it didn't have well-known. I think this should be accepted however because just like in Czech, just using the word known implies they are well known, in English just using known means the same thing.


Like in Game of Thrones, it is known Khaleesi. It means it's accepted knowledge.


This is a tricky one. Osoba instead of clovek :-)


In this one you can use both in the reverse translation. More or less equivalently.


Right so I put "my father is a famous person" (like for the other one with clovek.) But then I thought, "ok, might as well hover the word as it is yellow and that might indicate it is different". It says "familiar". Which is a similar word but means something else in English. So I put what the hovering tells me. Familiar person. And it is given as wrong ... So I think the hover text needs a fix

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