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  5. "Yes, I am a boy."

"Yes, I am a boy."

Translation:Oui, je suis un garçon.

March 15, 2018



What is wrong with "Oui, je suis un garçon."?


Same problem for me. It said it was wrong??


Are you certain there were no typos and that you used "un" not "une"? If your answer matches the given answer exactly, please get a screen shot and post it here. That's a bug and we will need to notify staff.


What's the difference between "une garçon" and "un garçon"?


Une is the female adjective, and un is the male adjective, with French when you speak of a male you use un, and no matter how large of a group of women if there is one male you use un.


Une for girl or woman, un for boy or man


Une is not only for persons


Just got no i am a boy and yes i am a boy in a row..


How are you getting the accents in, my keyboard won't let me and the app keeps twining at me!!!!


If you have a PC you can switch your keyboard to an international one. Easiest solution for me. For Macs, I believe you just hold down the key and the accented options appear. Also on the web version of Duolingo is a selection of accented characters you can choose from right below the exercise box.

Lastly, on a mobile device you can just press and hold down the key for the corresponding accents.


you can just hold the key down and then choose which accent you want to use :)


I wrote oui, je suis un garçon and got it wrong. Can someone plz explain????


Can you please get a screenshot if it happens again? That answer is correct, but if there is a bug, I need something concrete that I can use to file a report.


It showed me "Oui, je suis 1 garçon" as the correct response!


It is an obnoxious bit of code that mistakes "un" the article "a" for "un" the number "one/1". Unfortunately I don't know when this bit of rouge code will be fixed.


Do not have a french keyboard to put accents in


you don't need a french keyboard. you can just hold down the key (on a laptop or pc) and choose your accent!


you don't need a french keyboard. you can just hold down the key (on a laptop or pc) and choose your accent!


My answer is right I have had 5 yrs of previous french


It's impossible to know what your answer was if you don't write it down.


What is wrong with "Qui, je suis un garçon."


The correct word is "Oui", not "Qui".


How do I type an letter with and accent when using my phone?


whats wrong with being a horse i dont get it chevals are great too


whats wrong with it peeps


Why is "un" included? I thought it was omitted from sentences like this. "Je suis médecin" is an example.

Someone online says that the "un" is dropped for professions. If that's true, I don't see how professions can be grammatically different from any other noun.


Nous describing professions, nationalities, and religions can act as adjectives in French when there isn't a second adjective. When this particular class of nouns are acting as adjectives you don't use an article or determiner.

Je suis médecin. BUT Je suis un bon médecin.
Il est avocat. BUT C'est un (mauvais) avocat.

Garçon, femme, homme, etc. do not fit in this special case and always require a determiner in front.

You can read more about it here (scroll down to #10 Nouns Of Profession, Nationality, Religion) as well as here in our Tips and Notes.

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