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  5. "jIQup 'ach jIQIpbe'."

"jIQup 'ach jIQIpbe'."

Translation:I am young but I am not stupid.

March 15, 2018



I am discouraging my daughter from looking at this course until after she has passed her French exams, but I am passing this extraordinarily useful sentence on to her.


Wow... Its got audio now...


Partially :)

The number of sentences with audio will, hopefully, slowly increase over time.


I had a typo in my capitalization, {jIqIpbe'} and not only did It accept it. It didn't even say I had made that mistake.


True. Unfortunately, Duolingo was designed to consider capitalization to be unimportant. This has caused many problems for the Klingon course, but also for many other courses. Even in English there are some words that are always capitalized, like personal names, the pronoun I, the names of groups of people, etc. In German all nouns are capitalized. But Duolingo does not require that users learn to capitalize these. Do'Ha'.

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