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There should be more translations from English to the language you're learning

I feel that most of the time I'm translating sentences to English which doesnt' really make sense. Most of the time I can understand the sentence but I'm not sure if I would be able to construct it on my own.

I'd definetely prefer only translating to the foreign language. There could be an option where you'd choose what ratio you want between the two directions.

Do you agree?

March 21, 2013



I don't agree that you shouldn't translate into English as often (it's how you learn all the conjugations and stuff), but I agree that you should have more translate-into-foriegn-language sections. Maybe an option to do mixed lessons or English-to-X only. I've actually gone to click that option only to realize it's not there. It just seems like it /should/ be. On practices, not lessons, of course.


I want that so bad...translating to the foreign language is the hard part and it's a must when acquiring new words


I agree sometimes I get mostly translate to English sentences then I get confused on how to translate back to Spanish later! There should be something like a custom practice section, where you can choose lessons, words, what type of questions, etc.


My thoughts, exactly. My favourite ones are when I have to take an English sentence and translate it into German. I have difficulty producing my own sentences in another language even if I can understand them when I see them because of vocabulary. If the vocabulary doesn't come naturally to me, I can't understand when it's spoken either; I can only read it. If I'm seeing a foreign sentence with a word I've learned, it's "Oh yes! I remember that word. It means ___," but if I translate TO the language, I have to think "Oh, what is that word again?" which, when you remember, helps it to stick.


I'd like more practice in translation from English to the new language too. The choice of ratio is a really good idea


I agree and disagree.

I agree that it would be a good practice activity, but then again don't you sort of do that in lessons anyway?

I disagree because, well, Duolingo depends on decent translations to make money (or will later). And even high-level professional translators generally only translate FROM foreign languages INTO their native language.

Going the opposite way is quite difficult, and usually results in awkward or too-literal translations, even for professionals. So giving that job to amateurs like the Duolingo community would result in a lot of awful translations, which would really damage Duolingo's product quality to potential future paying customers.


I think the general idea here is to increase translation of phrases from English within the regular training sessions and definitely NOT newspaper articles, or government publications. At this level of learning, that is way beyond my/our capability.

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