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  5. "It is a community."

"It is a community."

Translation:Es una comunidad.

March 15, 2018



I got it right I just want to know know why un a and not un


Hello, Danny209472. It is "una" because "comunidad" is a feminine noun.

  • (One/a/an) UNA + feminine nouns (comunidad, hija, taza, naranja, leona, jefa):
    • Es una naranja. (It is an orange.)
    • Tengo una gata. (I have a cat.)
    • Es una niña alta. (She is a tall girl.)
  • (One/a/an) UN + masculine nouns (pueblo, hijo, plato, plátano, león, jefe):
    • Es un plátano. (It is a banana.)
    • Tengo un gato. (I have a cat.)
    • Es un niño alto. (He is a tall boy.)


And usually, words that end in -dad and -tad are feminine, if that helps.

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