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  5. "nuqjatlh torgh?"

"nuqjatlh torgh?"

Translation:What did you say, Torg?

March 15, 2018



How would one say, "What did Torg say?"?


nuq jatlh torgh. That space in the sentence (or the slight pause in spoken Klingon) makes a big difference.


Am I incorrect in thinking that this phrase could be speaking in the third person?


The exclamation nuqjatlh is almost always addressed to the person who did the speaking. I suppose theoretically, it's not impossible to imagine you said it to someone else and then added Torg's name because he is more likely to answer. But that's stretching the context quite a bit and you should learn it as meaning, "What did you say?"


I came across this sentence in a strengthening exercise. Does anyone know in which unit this use of nuq is introduced, or really where I can find the Tips and Notes about it?


The expression nuqjatlh is introduced in the very first unit, "Phrases", and is mentioned in the tips and notes to that unit.

You should be able to find them at https://www.duolingo.com/skill/kl/Useful-phrases/tips-and-notes .


Thank you. I had gorgotten that was the one I did on my phone.

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