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  5. "Do you understand Klingon?"

"Do you understand Klingon?"

Translation:tlhIngan Hol Dayaj'a'?

March 16, 2018



Literally translated I take this as "The Klingon language, do you understand it?" would that be a correct interpretation?


Yes, reading it literally as you go along it does sort of translate like that.


It's not an accepted translation because that is not the natural way of expressing the thought represented by the Klingon sentence in English.

You seem to have understood the meaning of the sentence, but you have to express it in English, not in Klinglish.


Yes and no. That is one way to translate it. Keep in mind that the Klingon sentence structure puts the object ahead of the verb and subject. English goes the other way. So as mizinamo was pointing out, the natural way a Klingon would say it and the natural way an English speaker would say it, should match up.


It looks like all three sentences don't have attention paid to the capitalization too well.


The sentences are entered correctly, but that particular exercise seems to pull the sentences from different places and recapitalize them. It's a known problem and Duolingo is working on finding a fix. The contributors cannot do anything about it and hopefully Duolingo will find the fix soon so it will work properly.

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