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"¿Te ayudo a limpiar las paredes?"

Translation:Can I help you clean the walls?

March 16, 2018



"May I help you clean the walls?" should be accepted. It is more acceptable grammar in English than to say "Can I help you clean the walls?" "May I" and "Can I" are often used interchangeably but they are not equivalent. Unless the question is asking if I am "capable" of helping you clean the walls, it absolutely should be "may I" -- meaning "will you allow me to help you clean the walls" or "is it okay if I help you clean the walls."


Should I help is also wrong :(


"Shall I help you clean the walls?" -accepted 11-Sep-2018


I didn't finish the sentence because I couldn't make out the word "paredes" on the tape, my mistake. Please note Duolingo


Would "may I help you clean the walls" be acceptable?


In english, "can I" means "am I actually able to/ capable of doing" something. We are always taught to say "may I" which is a question of desire to do something. As in may I help. In general speech either would be OK but the latter in this instance is gramatically correct.


Prescriptivism doesn't change how English works. Both can I a d May I are both commonly used for the same purpose. Prescriptivim is just a form of viokence against those who speak and write differenly from yourself. May I say it's a form of linguistic fascism.


That has nothing to do with it.


It should be "may" I.

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