"What does he say?"


March 16, 2018

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Literal translation: he (他) says (说) what (什么)


What did he say


Hi, can anybody tell me what the difference between 哪儿 and 什么 is? Both mean "what", so why isn't it correct to use 哪儿 in this sentence?


什么 means "what;" 哪 is more like "which," and that is why 哪 is sometimes translated as "what" in English: because, in some English sentences, "what" and "which" are interchangeable:

"What flavor did you choose?" or "Which flavor did you choose?"
“What team do you like?" or "Which team do you like?"

Generally, "which" is a more likely substitute for "what" when the range of possible answers are clearly known, as in the examples above, but we say "what" rather than "which" when the range of possible answers is open ended rather than finite, as in, "What do these people hope to accomplish?" or "What are you going to with the rest of your life?"

Accordingly, in this exercise, 他说什么 is the given translation of "what does he say?"


那儿 , as far as i kniw, is only for location

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