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  5. "nuqjatlh? jIyajbe'."

"nuqjatlh? jIyajbe'."

Translation:What did you say? I do not understand.

March 16, 2018



I noticed the diphthong at the start of dIyajbe'. It makes it sound akin to (deeyajbe'). Thanks for the audio!


I gave a more complete explanation in another forum post, but for anyone else stumbling across this...

It's not supposed to, but in normal conversation, it's not unusual.


Why isn't "what did you say", "nuq bIjatlhpu'. "


To say it in a more formal way with fully proper grammar you would have to change the prefix to include the object nuq. Also, the -pu' makes it perfective, which is fine, but I'm going to go with the simple past. So the question would be nuq Dajatlh? However, nuqjatlh is listed in the Addendum of The Klingon Dictionary as an exclamation meaning, "What did you say?" Since we have not yet taught the grammar for the sentence nuq Dajatlh?, we teach this exclamation near the start.


I typed "what did you say?" and it said it was wrong, then in correct solutions it said what did you say! :(


Because you forgot the second half, "I don't understand."


ohhhh! sorry! :) have a lingot


If it shows 2 "what" (like it did to me), pick the one with capital case (because it's beginning of sentence). :/

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