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  5. "那是我们的西班牙语老师。"


Translation:That is our Spanish teacher.

March 16, 2018





Chang from Community. Ironically played by Korean Ken Jeong!


This is our Spanish teacher should also be accepted. In English this is said even if the teacher is not part of the conversation. Similar uses of "this" appear whenever a real estate agent takes you around a house.


You are correct, though I think for the purposes of the exam, it's still important to make sure folks distinguish between 那 (nà, na4, "that") and 这 (zhè, zhe4, "this"). The usage you describe is still limited, so "that" should be the preferred answer.


"This is our spanish teacher" can only be applied if your spanish teacher is present by your side or you are referring to a picture of your spanish teacher while talking to a person.

"That is our spanish teacher" is versatile and can be applied at many circumstances.

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