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Help me understand?

"C'est pour ça que je ne le fais qu' une fois par an!"

Word for word translation: It is for that, that I do not it do ??? time per year. Literal translation: It is for that, that I do not do it ???? per year Translation: Because of that, I don't do it ???? yearly Casual Translation: That's why I only do it once a year!

How does one use "qu'une", I'm kind of confused on this. Is it used like "jamais" when one would say, je ne veux jamais faire ça.

Or is "ne le fais que" an expression?

March 16, 2018



It means something like: Because of that, i don't do it except for one day a year.
So the "ne...que" translates to "but for", "except", etc.

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