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Chinese Course suggestion

In the Chinese course there are parts of lessons where you match a character to a word. However, no translation of the word is provided in that task. I feel that perhaps this is a wasted opportunity. If every time I was drilling those words and characters, I was also reminding myself of what the word meant, it would be so helpful. I do recognize some words have more than one meaning, but, hey, that's okay too. I just feel sometimes that I am working hard to match the word and characters but sort of coming up empty because I don't get to drill the meaning too. Thanks!

March 16, 2018



I also have the same problem, I ofter find myself searching for the meaning of the word online.

And I would add: When you have to translate sentenses they sometimes give you the meaning of the word, but they don't give you the pinyin, so you may not be sure how to pronounce it correctly. (ZHAO, CAO, XAO, etc)


Yes, I definitely agree. I have matched certain characters with their sound many times before it clicked and dawned on me that that character was a certain word!

[deactivated user]

    Yeah I wish it was a three way matching system, like we had to match the sound, the character, and the meaning all together.. but I guess that would require them to program more stuff.


    That is my biggest pet peeve on here with Chinese, is that the emphasis is matching sounds and characters, and less on actual meaning. Granted, one should know how to read the language they're studying, but it doesn't do you much good if you don't know what you're reading.

    That does discourage me from learning Chinese on here. As I will put in effort on the courses to learn the language, then when I step away and try to form a simple sentence, or read something, I can't; thus, I feel like I've learned nothing and wasted my time.

    If I compare that to the other languages I've studied on here (such as Portuguese), where I can form actual sentences, I feel like I'm being let down.


    in an other way, It is interesting to be introduced to the langage by the sounds, so when I arrive to the meaning, it connects directly to my body sensation and not at first to my mental. it just take more time but at each lesson, I always read the text first to emphasize a special thing to memorize. i also learn from english, because there is no chinese class from french, and they correct my english :-))


    Yes, I also agree with you. I would like to add another suggestion, when you finish to translate a phrase, it would be interesting to hear the Chinese audio again to associate the phrase with the meaning.

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