Translation:She ran.

March 16, 2018



"Run" should be acceptable here as well, shouldn't it?


It really should be, but Duolingo makes you match punctuation, so with a period this can only be a sentence.


Ah. That was sneaky. ;)


Ahhh thank you, I'll have to keep my eye on the punctuation!


Ah that caught me off guard too

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Introducing the past tense right off the bat? That's different.


Since there is no tense, all sentences are potentially in the past tense, so it's impossible not to introduce past tense right from the start.


I wrote run and it was incorrect?


Yes -- there is a full stop "." at the end, making this an entire sentence.

So here it expects you to translate it as a sentence: "he runs" or "she ran" or "they will run", for example.

If the exercise had been just qet (a single word, no punctuation), then "run" would have been a good translation; but this one is qet. (including punctuation).


Well the issue with that is that "Run." is a sentence. It's usually said with an exclamation point, but it is nonetheless a sentence. If you want the answer to be "He ran", then instead of being greyed out in the drop-down box, the He/She/It/They should appear in standard text, as though they are part of the definition.


True, "Run!" is a sentence -- however, it has a different meaning from "He runs" or "He ran".

"Run!" is a command, and commands in Klingon need a special verbal prefix -- thus, *qet. cannot be the command "Run!".

I'll have a look at the hints and see whether I can improve them.


What did he do when he met an angry Klingon? Run.

Does that count as a complete sentence in this context?


No -- it's a complete utterance, but not a complete sentence.

It's in the same group of utterances as "At the zoo." or "Yes.", which are complete in and of themselves in the context of an answer to a question, but are not complete sentences. (They have no verb, for example.)


English allows us to use the infinitive in a case like that, but as mizinamo says that's not really a full sentence. To say it as a full sentence, you have to say, "He ran." Which is exactly what "qet." means.

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