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Indexing tip and notes

I think that indexing the Tip and Notes (Grammar notes) subjects in a tab or button section would be so helpful to come back easily when one need them. Also this may spare time and confusion when one read the discussion or reviewing the comments in discussions. By all means and first of all I would like to thank Duolingo great staff for this great and free chance to enjoy learning.

March 16, 2018



I like this idea.
I have a partial list, you can check it out here

However I would also like to create one that you could look up topics, but ... alphabetically on grammar issues - in both French and English.

If someone does it first - that would be great.
However hopefully I will do this sometime.



Finally I have started creating this list here


I must say, I like the flexibility offered by indexing occurring in a discussion.

While it would be advantageous to have this indexed in some sort of more official way.

With the new "crowns" presentation, I also ponder the advantage of having a publicly available list of having the words covered in each skill also available in different sort orders in a space that is public for people to reference.

I will give this more thought also.


The Dutch team has done something similar and it was helpful.

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