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  5. "qeylIS luHo' SuvwI'pu'."

"qeylIS luHo' SuvwI'pu'."

Translation:Warriors admire Kahless.

March 16, 2018



I am wondering about the difference between SuvwI' ("warrior") and mang ("soldier").


A mang is generally part of an organized group and a SuvwI' is on his own. Though the words really do have a lot of overlap and in many contexts you could use either.


Any reason why "the warriors" was counted as wrong and corrected to warriors?


The answer shown when you are marked incorrect is not a correct, but rather an arbitrary version which the system knows is correct. Both versions are in the system as accepted answers, but it always shows the "Warriors" version regardless of what the error you actually made is. You might have had some other error in your entry. I don't see any reports. Did you get a screen shot?

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