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Oui oui oui Linda I can't thank you enough for this! This will definitely be put into good use.

Merci beacoup!

Also, are you native French?


No, I am not a native French speaker. Though I now am able almost every year to spend 3 months in deepest darkest rural France.

And yes - I am still studying French. I have been studying French for quite some time now. I think I will always be studying French for the rest of life.

I also have a history of Computer System Analysis and Data Management, which is the origin of most of my indexing skills. Though which comes first, the passion or the ability ? ...


Not native aye?

So, are you B2? C1?

I would say I am B1, approaching B2, but still have a while to go. I have many years.


I am not familiar with these terms.
I am learning French for pleasure.
And when I went through school in Australia, these were not terms that were used.

In fact my French teacher sought out my parents to advise them that I was not academically capable to succeed. And that the best they should expect of me is that I would be able to gain work as a Check out person at a supermarket. That I should actively be discouraged from continuing school past Form 3 ( year 9 these days ). She also said this in front of me, which I was and remain reasonably impressed by. It is funny how despite that I enjoyed French and various assignments that I did. Though many times I was sent out of French class to collect rubbish around the school.

Anyway, these are the stories that can happen in life.
I passed my leaving exam ( equivalent of year 12 ), and went to Uni, and worked in technical positions at a variety of different companies.


Ahh I see. I didn't know you were Australian. I am American, and those are the terms used for language ranking based on fluency.

A1: Beginner
A2: Elementary Level ( a child)

B1: Intermediate.

B2: Upper Intermediate
C1: Advanced
C2: Native Level

Your French teacher sounds awful. I don't know how I would react if she said that to my face.


ahhh - it was also a time in history.

It is also fascinating to observe the different culture in education in a rural French town.

I had the honor of two of my kids to attend the local French school for a year.
As it was becoming obvious that they were struggling substantially at learning French within the school system, and they were in year 9, the school lined up for them to attend 3 days a week at different local businesses, and go to school 2 days a week.

However, our family life changed that required us to return early to Australia.

I was very impressed with how the community encouraged, and continues to encourage us to be integrated into the community.

That the schools focus was ensuring that the students could become productive and engaged members of the community, and that there could be some creative ways to allow this to occur.

I think other educational systems could benefit from looking at some of the systems that are even used in deepest darkest France.


oh also, just to finish the lose ends of the story to date - my kids are now all at Uni, or successfully completed Uni. All are also working in various capacities.


I agree 100%

The French are among the highest performing in the world. As for America......


Bonjour lindakanga

Thank you very much for your post of French references

Many many years ago I had one year of french classes at an Australian country high school.(which I very much enjoyed)

At that time young teachers were posted to country schools after they had passed their teacher training (by the Department of Education), however most tried to get back to the city as soon as possible.

As a result my French teacher returned to the city and no replacement French teacher was available.

I had the opportunity to study French by mail with the Victorian school of languages if I wished. That is each week they would post lessons to my school and I would then post them back.

My parents in their wisdom with some input from the teachers at my school did not think this would work for a boy.

Now much much later I am learning French with Duolingo


Gosh !
It is such an honor to see you here.

Yes, I also know well the amazing organization of VSL. However two of my children also failed at being able to adequately engage with VSL, however we were asking a lot of them. Attending during the day a very rural local school in deepest darkest France ( quote from the headmaster ) , and also to do correspondence in Maths, English and French from Australia.

One of the key reasons I attribute to their continued success for them both in maths, is due to the correspondence school in Victoria This has also followed them on in their competency in the maths field in University.

I assure you - they are also very dedicated people that are part of the VSL, and I was very impressed by their dedication.


At the time my children were using Correspondence School, the school was using the internet. However it was still fairly recent. And we lugged reams of references and work books over to France.
And it was suggested that if we wished, the kids could post back the work assignments on a weekly basis.

Thankfully though they also had the option to submit the work over the internet. And this proved a much better way. Also for the speed of marking work, and the kids getting feedback.

Especially for the Maths department, this system was very effective. For English and French, ... it was ... well more complicated. As that is the way it is with language, I put it down to.

However, while my kids did not complete correspondence in English and French, they were attending the local school during the day. Which I think has assisted them in language acquisition. Including understanding their first language of English better. I find this is an effect for myself.
They both competently passed Year 12 here, and one even did Literature successfully. And they were the one that had for all their life previously had struggled even with English.

Often it is through our struggles we gain a deeper and more profound knowledge of the subject, I would also suggest, and that I have found as so.


I am sorry that was your experience, Lindakanga. I am glad that you continued despite your teacher. I am very glad that the language continues to bring you pleasure and joy to this day. :-)


Thanks AMAZING CommeuneTexane .

I think you are helping me see clearer, that yes,
language , and assisting with learning , brings enormous joy to me.

( don't get me started on my dream to make maths more accessible to people. )

And to quote my poetry self :

Berate not when you stumble, To learn to walk first we had many falls. Strive not to be without problems,
Accept and release each that on you does call.

Know from a fall you can choose to be stronger,
Or you can let it cripple your life.
Find and follow the passions flowing within you,
Accept - to live, there will be times of strife.

Life’s a song, with sadness and joy,
A dance, with a beginning and end.
You can choose how you act the part that you play in it,
The steps you take, how you think, sing, stand and bend.


It sounds like you had a teacher who didn't know how to teach! Terrible!!! When a child has a passion for something, they will learn it. Each child will do so at his or her own pace, of course, but to try to squelch that desire, that love of learning, that is terrible thing to do.


She was an older French national.
She knew her stuff. However perhaps there was a culture clash as well.
I did not consider myself a popular student. I consider myself quite shy and that I did not have many friends, yet I was fascinated by French. I think at times I perhaps was a bit too engaged, and I think I laughed a bit. And unfortunately our teacher had trouble controlling the class.

It was probably a little bit of collateral damage that I was the one that was sent out many times as an example.

It was also a different culture to the culture of today.


My French teacher in France, and my native French friends say that I improve each year.


I wish I had Native French friends. The closest I get is my mother, whom of which received her masters degree in French about 30 years ago. She has forgotten some but is still pretty ok.


FrenchCamille, I realize this is late but I would like to give you this link to Conversation Exchange. I think it could help with giving you acquaintances at the very least.


Not sure if it's just me, but the links don't seem to work. I get sent to whatever tree I'm working on.


You need to be currently learning French for English speakers for the links to work, i.e. have your Duolingo site set to that course. A bit impractical, but that's how it is. :)


I have always wanted Duo to have a place where all the Tips and Notes can easily be accessed. Thank you! Shouldn't this, and your other posts (from 3 years ago) become stickies?


I think then they would become a big heap of clutter, and help make more poignant posts clutter as well. As in being a big heap - and unable to find what you want.

Thanks though for the vote of confidence.

Sending you hugs.

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