Duolingo does not focus on vocabulary.

If any one is interested to learn english from hindi them join my group club code TJ82UG. It will also improve your Hindi if you are an english speaker. Duolingo should also include more words and their meanings . I also found some mistakes in translation by duo lingo.

March 16, 2018

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How to join your group club?

August 22, 2018

Hi There, Would you help me understand how this site works?

March 24, 2018

It is an app on Google play store to learn english go there and install it

March 24, 2018

If you find errors, do Report them. These courses are made by volunteers, and they are doing it on their own time. The corrections might take some time to be added.

May 16, 2018

I want learn English

March 2, 2019

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