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Easy learn German Sentences

  • For this you will have to be an Intermediate at German

If you go to new course and go to the list that says what you speak, choose German (will explain) even though this sounds crazy it actually shows you new ways of speech, well at least in my opinion.

Because you choose German it will allow you to get used to how sentences work and teach you new words. Thanks to this I'm able to understand which words to use in specific circumstances.

before I used to write stuff like:

'Eine frau und ein mann esst eine Apfel'

now I write way better XD:

'Eine Frau und ein Mann essen einen Apfel'

it may not be no difference but I just wanted to share so yeah.

lol tschüss

March 16, 2018



Great tip, anyone should know, but many of us do just this and call it "reverse tree", i.e. the course from one's target language to their native one. It works for every tongues combination providing that Duo offers the courses.

It's both challenging and fun, and you have many opportunities to practice, since the interface and the forums are in the target language. Viel Glück, Deutsch ist toll :)


Eine Frau und ein mann essen einen Apfel'

Much better than the first sentence, but you should write Mann capitalized.

Eine Frau und ein Mann essen einen Apfel


go to the circle next to profile>add new course>I speak>German>English>Intermediate>finish test>end.

[deactivated user]

    Shouldn't this be in the German discussion place thingy I forget the name xD.


    Good... Eine Frau und ein Mann essen einen Apfel Good, now that you reached level 8 in German! Good luck, tschüss


    you said a lot of good lol


    I know and you seem to deserve it, lol


    You are most welcome

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