"Ta žena se stará o našeho chlapce."

Translation:That woman takes care of our boy.

March 16, 2018

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I still cannot understand why "this woman" is not accepted, "ta" could be "this" and "that"


Shouldn't "this" be either "tato" written or "tahle" spoken, while "ta" means "that"?


It should, when used as an attribute of a noun.


I put "That woman takes care of our boys." and it said that boys was a typo. I think that should have been marked as incorrect as našeho is clearly singular, even though chlapce is the same in accusative singular and plural. An English "typo" that changes the meaning from singular to plural when only singular is correct should be marked as incorrect.


Sometimes Duolingo allows too much when it tries to keep people happy...


Can anyone please provide me a guide when to use naše or našeho in the sentences. As english is not my native language it becomes difficult for me to understand.


Check the TIPS.

For masculine animate: nom. náš
gen. našeho
dat. našemu
acc. našeho

For masculine inanimate: nom. náš
gen. našeho
dat. našemu
acc. náš


You can find the full declension in wiktionary https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/n%C3%A1%C5%A1#Declension


I think you need a complete declension table:


There you can see that “naš” has 7 × 8 forms but they are not all different. “naše” is used for 15 out of them, “našeho” is the genitive singular for masculine and neuter nouns, as well as the accusative singular for animated masculine nouns.

If you were looking for a simple rule I am afraid there is none.

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