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  5. "molor Suv qeylIS."

"molor Suv qeylIS."

Translation:Kahless fought Molor.

March 16, 2018



How can we tell it is past tense?

[deactivated user]

    Klingon verbs don't mark tense, so it could be past, present or future. Most of the time, you can tell tense from context or time adverbs. But these beginning sentences are trying to keep it simple, so no context or adverbs. Thus, you can put any of the three tenses.

    In this case, Kahless (not counting his clone) died before the timeframe of the Star Trek shows started, so it would make sense to make this sentence past tense.


    How do you know it's not another person named Kahless? Also, even though you can't mark tense, you can mark aspect through suffixes. If you mark aspect, the sentence becomes molor Suvpu' qeylIS. I'm not sure if it's necessary though.

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