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  5. "Torg and Mara run."

"Torg and Mara run."

Translation:qet torgh mara je.

March 16, 2018



Why don't ( can't) we invert the order of torg and mara so that torg comes last?

[deactivated user]

    Because, while that would still be correct grammatically, it wouldn't be loyal to the original text.


    torgh mara je = Torg and Mara

    mara torgh je = Mara and Torg

    Both are grammatical, but the English sentence has them in the order "Torg and Mara", so the best Klingon translation will be torgh mara je.


    Why cant you say 'luQet?"


    Firstly, because there is no verb Qet (to run is qet).

    Secondly, because the prefix lu- indicates a third person plural subject and a third person singular object, i.e. "they - him/her/it".

    So luqet would mean "they run it".

    But here we have "they run" (no object) -- the prefix for this case is the null prefix: qet.

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