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Feedback thus far.

First off thanks for doing the course, its beena long time coming and much anticipated and appreciated by the fans.

For what it is worth, having done the first four skills now I have to feed back that I think adding in all those names up front is confusing and a waste of learner's brain power and time at the beginning of the course. One male and one female name, easy to remember and spell would have been quite sufficient - it is VERY HARD for a dyslexic to learn a new language - when the spelling to sound correlation is weird and the grammar rules a total mind bender for an english speaker adding in unnecessary words to confuse ( and get wrong thus getting a question wrong) that serve little purpose in understanding the actual language just makes an uphill climb into a mountain.

Any idea when it will go mobile ( the mobile platform is more suited to dyslexics)?


March 16, 2018



Thank you for that perspective; it's something that at least I had failed to consider, so it's very valuable to us.

The purpose of adding a lot of names was to add variety, and to illustrate how properly romanized names can differ from their anglicized counterparts (i.e. wo'rIv = Worf). However, this is something we may have to reevaluate going forward.

Whether or not we'll be able to fix it in Tree 1.0 is uncertain (replacing sentences can get quite messy), but we already have a lot of ideas for Tree 2.0, so it's possible we'll stick to Mara and Torg there for at least the early lessons, and then introduce new names only when there's a more concrete purpose to it.

We don't quite know when the course will appear on the app. Previously, this has been when the course graduates from beta, but I will have to check if that is still the case.


One major disadvantage of the mobile platform is access to tips and notes -- which I believe are essential for the Klingon course, since the language is so different from your average European language.

I believe that there's a test going on where some mobile users are shown (a special version of?) tips and notes in the app but I think they are not easily available to all users yet.


All the languages are like that - if you want to do them then a look at the website for grammar and tips is a must, but the app itself is format in such a way thatbit is very accessible to certain types of leaning disabilities- i would never have got as far as i have somfar just typring everything. Different strokes for different folks. One of the things i likabot Duo.

I must say thus far the klingon. Tips are very good compared to some of the other languages.


I see that Marc Okrand's Klingon Dictionary is still in print. I would recommend that to any new learner, especially those on mobile platforms where the tips and notes are less accessible.


I agree about the overload of proper names. I just encountered the sentence {loQ Doy' qorghlaH} where {qorghlaH} is supposed to be a name. However, as far as I know, this isn't a tlhIngan Hol name.


As someone who is interested in Klingon as a conlang rather than in its fictional setting, I just made a cheat sheet of those dozen or so proper nouns so I would recognize them and spell their 'English' variants correctly. I assume they're Klingon characters in ST episodes, but for me, they're not worth memorizing.

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