Jeg klarte det!

Jeg poster det egentlig lit for sent men jeg er ferdig med det norske treet! Jeg fandt det fantastisk og vil gjerne takke alle som jobbet på dette kurset. Jeg begynte å lære norsk fordi kjæresten min kommer fra norge og til tross for at jeg hadde ikke planlagt det, flyttet jeg til Norge i Januar! Jeg har nylig begynt å gjøre et språkurs og takket være Duolingo kunne jeg hoppe over de lavere nivåene og starter på nivå B2! Jeg kunne ikke ha klart det uten dere!

Det er en lang vei foran meg men jeg er godt forberedt!

Excuse any mistakes, I just cannot express my thanks enough to Duolingo and its community.

March 16, 2018


Gratulerer - og godt jobba!

Would you be willing to share a little about how you've been studying, and what other resources (if any) you've used to arrive at that level? I'm sure there are other learners who would be interested to know. :)

*og til tross for at jeg [ikke hadde] planlagt det (word order)
*begynt et språkkurs (yours is understandable, but this is more elegant)

Godt skrevet. Jeg er ikke overrasket over at du får begynne på B2.

Thanks for the corrections. I think this is why the course is so enjoyed by its users. You contributors really involve yourself and its nice to feel some support! My method for learning has mostly been using Duolingo, however I use to live in Germany and speak German at C1 level which gives me somewhat of an advantage as they're really quite similar. I also have a Norwegian boyfriend who i speak to in Norwegian a decent amount of the time which i am lucky to have.

I have been using Anki flashcards to memorize new words I come across and use to make sure I add the relevant verb conjugations. In preparation for the course I did buy some text books which are called På Vei, Stein på Stein, and Her på Berget which got me use to reading more complicated text and exposed me to words outside Duolingo. Without the workbook they were about 400Kr each. Youtube helps of course but I find the Norwegian content to be slightly lacking and variety.

Great, thank you!

Your German knowledge will certainly have helped; familiarity with concepts like grammatical gender and even the case system goes a long way, and then there's the shared vocabulary. Of course, there's nothing better than having a private tuto-...err, boyfriend. :)

Many of the Norwegian Youtubers make their videos in English to reach a larger audience, so it's no surprise there is less Norwegian content. Perhaps television is a better bet, at least now that you're in Norway and don't have to bother with a VPN client.

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