"yIn Duj!"

Translation:The ship is alive!

March 16, 2018



o/' The ship is alive with the sounds of Battle la la la o/'


A much-loved Klingon musical! ♪


Is the ship alive (as in not disabled with signs of life)? Or is it alive as in animated and/or cognizant? Thanks. :0)


It really could be either. A literal reading would say that the ship itself was animated and/or cognizant. But Klingons are capable of metaphor and would likely understand if you meant that there are signs of life. Since this is without context feel free to imagine whichever you prefer.


Is it me, or are some words, like Duj here, not highlighted when we first see them?


Is the ship alive, or the Klingons/Captain Kirk and the crew aboard? Or is the ship still functional? I guess that just like we have multiple meanings for certain words, "alive" is one of those types of words for Klingons.


My guess is the former, as in "we've shot our photon torpedoes at the ship but it is still moving". I'm very new though, so it is only a guess at this point.


This sounds like the kind of plot an episode in the original serie would have!


Doesn't a living ship show up at some point in TNG? With the super-telepath Betazoid going to live with the lonely spaceship?


The first two episodes of season One of TNG.


Sounds like the Klingons encountered the Undine (aka Species 8472).

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